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About Us

We plan everything, you teach and have fun with your students

At Coco and Pineapple, we understand the repetitive nature of daily life—wake up, eat, work, sleep—and the toll it takes on our minds and bodies, leaving us drained of energy and burdened by stress. That's why we created Coco and Pineapple: a sanctuary for self-exploration, self-discovery, and connecting with like-minded individuals on a shared journey.

Building a yoga retreat may seem daunting, but we find immense joy in the process. Planning logistics and crafting immersive experiences is our passion, which led us to extend our help to the yogi community.

We believe in the transformative power of yoga retreats as a means to rejuvenate and realign. Through Coco and Pineapple, we provide a space for you to escape the daily grind, find inner balance, and embrace the joy of self-discovery in the company of fellow yogis. Whether you're a solo explorer seeking solace or a teacher looking to lead transformative sessions, our retreat offers a haven where you can delve into yoga practice, explore new horizons, and emerge refreshed and inspired.

Some of Our Teachers

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