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We know that being planning a retreat is an experience that will change your life, and want to make sure you have all the information you need. Below are some of our frequently asked questions and comprehensive answers to get you started.

Image by Kaylee Garrett

  • If you are planning my retreat, how am I going to have any earnings?
  • Everyone's retreat look different, we will help you plan the retreat according to your need and will just earn a low % of your sales.

    2. How Would I know what my budget it, and what expenses are covered? 

    Once we've done our preliminary call and discuss your needs. We will talk about budgets and how it will fit towards your clients budgets and your needs.

    3. What locations do you do ?

    Currently we are offering the following locations, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala. 

    4. How do you manage Payment Plans? 

    We are currently working with two systems that provide us payments plans. 

    5. I have never done a retreat and I am new at yoga should I still do it? 

    I would provide you a survey to your clients and we will study your market to see what would be the great fit. 

    6. How are participant registrations managed?

    They signed up via an email and first we evaluate them just to see if they actually want to go to your retreat after that we sent them an invoice

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