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We provide different services and packages depending on your needs. 

Budget Planning


We do the pricing strategy and budgeting for you.

We will guide you with everything accounting that has to do with accounting. You will have your own template to understand everything.

Prices starts at $100 with 2 meetings.


Beach Swing_edited_edited.jpg
  • Hotel

  • Transportation

  • Activities

  • Itinerary for you and your guest

  • Travel Insurance Guidance 

  • Waiver Guidance

Prices starts at $100 with 4 meetings.

100% Planning 

Image by Luis Magallón

We do everything for you LITERALLY! We will hold your hand and be there with you in the retreat. 

Prices may vary depending the group rate

Marketing Strategy

Image by Conscious Design
  • Landing Page

  • Marketing Flyers

  • Professional Images

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • Sales Script

Prices starts at $200

Costumize Package 

Image by Thomas Lefebvre

This is for the person that want to take care of certain things but not everything. 

Prices may vary depending the group rate

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